At this time of the year all of our lakes are frozen and many of our favorite subjects have headed south. There are still lots of photo opportunities you just have to dress a little warmer. Over the last week we have seen a large influx of short-eared owls. Last year we found them active at dusk and you had to get your shots before it got to dark. Not sure if it is related to our weather, above average snowfall and lots of fog, but they have been active all through the day. I had a great interaction with one today. I found one sitting on a fence post very close to home, unfortunately very foggy. He seemed quite accepting of my presence so I waited to see if the fog would lift at all. It did get somewhat clearer and he remained for 20 minutes. Well I left him alone after 20 minutes still on the same post. While I was there he went through a number of behaviors, preening and fluffing his feathers. ( I refer to this owl as he but I am not sure if male or female) This made for some images that are a little bit different. Here is a link to some of the shots from this encounter. Short-eared Owl photos