There are birds to photograph here in the winter; eagles, hawks and owls are very popular with the local photographers. As well we have Tundra and Trumpeter swans that spend the winter with us. I have  been using this time to try and catch up on some work on the website and organizing our new cowboy and western workshops.

Preparing for the cowboy workshops could have an interesting impact on our birding tours. I have secured exclusive access to a very large cattle ranch. The ranch is thousands of acres and opens up lots of great birding opportunities for us. Of course much of it is remote but we have now added a six- seaterYamaha Viking to our fleet.
This will allow me to get guests into remote area where no one else has access.I can't wait until spring so I can get out searching and scouting. We will spend most of our time out on the water but this should lead to some exciting opportunities.